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magic is respectfully using the energies to benefit yourself and your life but still requires action and mundane steps. It is not instantaneous and is not a suitable replacement for medical ailments whether physical or mental, please see a professional for all health related concerns and exhaust all options before turning to magic. As magic is heavily based on the intent of the spell caster and requires effort as well I can not guarantee any results. Please do not cast spells or do magic on others without their full permission and consent. Please take care of yourselves, sending lots of love and light!

When purchasing rituals, enchanted items and spell kits, etc. please remember that


My name is Angelina, I'm the owner and creator of Floral's Gifts and I'd like to start off by saying thank you for visiting my site!

I started this business after having to quit every job I've had due to the worsening condition of my back —


I am currenlty donating to 

Local Food Bank
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