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Handmade by me

Floral and fauna bookmarks now available!

In the works ...

  • pain relief roller (now available)

  • masks and facial treatments

  • floral salt soaks (now available)

  • charcoal bath soaks (August 21st)

  • herbal salt scrubs (now available)

  • herbal tub teas

  • vegan mylk baths

  • floral dry shampoo

  • soap bars, etc


(everything listed above will be all natural and vegan)

  • witchy jewellery and accessories

  • home decor & wall hangings 

  • spell and ritual kits

  • enchanted wands (now available)

  • altar decorations and tools

  • journals and spell books

  • (vintage & handmade) witch boxes

  • fairy houses and garden kits

Some witch kits are already listed in the shop (and more will be released soon!)

Follow along on Instagram for sneak peaks, reminders for updates and sales as well as the most current news

If you wish you can also pledge to my patreon to support me and have access to secret content like the process of creating my deck

I'm also writing my first book!

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