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Seashell Readings

After years of divining and working with seashells I have come to develop my own meaning and understanding of each shell. Using the connections I’ve made with my personal collection helps me to receive a clear and individualized intuitive message each reading

The cost of a reading is $44 for an hour reading which includes three to six seashells being drawn specifically for you as well as a description and explaination of each shell's meaning and personal message, they will also be read intuitively and you will always be sent a photograph of the shells in the email containing your reading as well

If there is a specific inquiry please inform me (in the form below) beforehand, otherwise it will be treated as a general reading

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to read for you!

Ps. Please ensure to fill out the form below after purchasing 

Readings through Skype will be available this spring!

Thank you so very much!

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