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How to make paper without any fancy tools —

This was from my other blog but I thought it would be a simple and fun little introductory post for my new page,

I hope you enjoy ~

How to make paper ; using old note pages

i. Gather old documents or newspaper and rip them into small pieces, cover with water and stir thoroughly. This mixture can be left overnight (or carefully heated) until the pieces dissolve into a pulp. The longer it’s left and more frequently it’s stirred, the smoother it will be

ii. Once most of the water is absorbed and it looks pretty mushy, add a few drops of essential oils and combine the herbs or flower petals (if desired). Squish the last bit of liquid out with your hands and begin assembling the shape on an old or dark coloured towel

iii. Sandwich the sheet by folding the towel or placing another on top and press down firmly, flip over and repeat on a dry section. After a few times extra newspaper can be used. Leave it to dry overnight (or for a few days). Once they’re nearly dried place the pages under a heavy book to keep them flat

iv. When they’re dried (and after being pressed if prefers) they can be used for a variety of things such as spells, sigils, cards, books, journaling, art projects, seed paper, ornaments and so much more!!

Please let me know if you’ve tried this, how it worked for you and how you plan to use your handmade pages! There’s also so many wonderful and creative comments on the original post such as this one

If there’s any advice or constructive criticism please contact me through 🙊

Ps. If you’d like to share yours please tag me in it (either on Tumblr or Instagram) 💕

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