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Naturally tint your hair pink!

I’ve wanted to experiment with all natural tints and temporary stains for so long and finally decided to play around with beets and aim for pink before it was too late — my only regret is not doing this before growing out so much of my blonde! 🙈

I’m honestly debating gently lifting a few small areas of my hair professionally just so I can keep doing this! It obviously shows much better on lighter (or prelightened) hair and will go more of a reddish shine or undertone if it even shows on darker hair.

For example I put mine alll over my hair, from roots to ends, yet (as expected) you can’t see a difference anywhere besides the tips — I also let mine sit on for about three hours (patience is the key to success here) and didn’t shampoo as I already had that morning during my first trial 👻🌷

To put it simply, boil a couple of diced (fresh) unpeeled beets in a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water with a spoonful of salt (I was following pretty vague instructions and am not one for measurements anyways, sorry 😅) After boiling until they’re soft, scoop out the beets as well as a bit of the liquid to blend together until smooth then apply generously where ever you’d like the pink tone to take! Using foil fold the sections and let it sit. Wait three hours (or longer for more vibrancy) then rinse out; I’d suggest doing this while your hair is already clean as the shampoo will quickly remove the majority of the tint


Mine lasted only about a wash or two post rinsing

(this photo was after the first shampoo) its hard to see due to the lack of proper lighting but was still very visible, just a softer pink instead of so bright.

It surprisingly only faded a little more after the second wash and I’ll update this post after the third official shampoo

If you’re starting with a cooler blonde it’ll be more of a pink, warmer will be more rosy and if your hair is darker it’ll be a very subtle auburn if it shows

I’d also like to add that mine came out this lovely rose gold on account of how warm and golden my hair already was (peep the before photo below to see how yellow my hair turned after over a year of no lifting, toners, or upkeep ~ whoops)

ACV can be great for your hair but leaving it on for this long will obviously be drying

Results will differ depending on your hair and other factors but please let me know if you tried this and how it worked for you! Also, if you’d like to share your hair please tag me on either Tumblr or Instagram 💕

Ps. Be sure to always tell your stylist whatever you’ve done to your hair if you plan to colour or process it professionally afterwards, if you’re honest with them then they have a much better chance at giving you exactly what you’d like! Please remember that there’s a lot of science involved as they are working with chemicals 🌱⚗️✨

— If there’s any advice or constructive criticism please contact me through 🙊

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