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Spring equinox —

I’ve decided to share my rituals for welcoming the upcoming spring and celebrating the start of the astrological new year in hopes that I may inspire some of you to take advantage of this special time as well! Either way, I hope that you’ve all been doing very well and that this new season and astrological year brings you endless joy 


I started the day off by opening the windows to let some fresh air in, thoroughly cleansing my space with sage and setting my diffuser with a special floral essential oil blend 🌷

I lit my spell candle, meditated, burned bay leaf wishes then opened letters I had written to myself a couple months ago ~ 

Afterwards I created a crystal grid using clear quartz points, seashells and pearls 🐚 

I meditated on it before disassembling it and putting everything away 

I ended my night with some divination using an ostara tarot spread and journaling then I decided to also do my floral spell nails which will have its own post soon! 💅🏼💐✨

Please excuse my messy writing; personal journal notes roughly quoted and compiled from various sources such as @officialaudreykitching

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