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Floral spell nails ritual —

A beautiful wearable spell that will always be with you, and it’s so simple too!

Start by deciding upon your intent and choosing corresponding flowers and colours. Gather all necessary components such as your nail file, polish, dried petals, a clear top coat, etc. 

I. I trimmed and filed my nails (as they were getting far too long) while releasing all negativity or anything which no longer serves me then I began by cleansing my area and tools 

II. I generously applied my nail strengthening oil, massaged it in, and meditated on my set intention. I maintained focus as I painted all of the nails on one hand — it’s much easier to do this neatly if you only do one hand at a time

III. Depending on your polish you should be able to apply your pressed flowers or dried petals right after, however for some polishes it’s easier if you let it get slightly tacky. The secret is to apply them while the base coat of your polish is still wet (so that they actually stick) 

IV. I’ve found that at this stage it’s best to let them dry as much as you can, just stay present and continue meditating on your intent then apply a heavy coat of clear nail polish. It’s easier if you sort of dollop it directly onto the flowers, but be sure not to drag or pull them around as you cover the rest of the nail 🙈

V. Let this dry completely before applying a final layer of the top coat, this step is optional but I personally find it necessary as it helps to smooth everything over so that your nails feel nice and aren’t bumpy 


If you prefer you could use tweezers to place the flowers exactly where you’d like them or you can just sprinkle the petals and let them fall as they please. It’s also easier and smoother if you use pressed flowers or choose dried flowers that are fairy flat. You can even hide a sigil underneath your very first layer of polish!

Once the ritual is completed so is the spell. If you feel that they’ve lost a bit of potency after some time they can always be recharged using your preferred method ~

These were my very first floral spell nails (dated December 2015 or January 2016)

Please let me know if you’ve tried this and if you’d like to share please tag me on either Tumblr or Instagram 💗💗

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