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Swimming upstream 🐋✨

Part 1 —

After falling ill I’ve been scrambling trying to get everything together and balance launching my new site (along with its glitches) as well as helping others and taking care of myself. I’m already not the best with technology to begin with and since I don’t have my own computer or laptop I was left feeling pretty helpless to overcome these challenges, not to mention all of my other stressors (but I don’t want to dwell on anything that is too personal, won’t help others or is somebody else’s story) I wasn’t feeling motivated and my mental health was really starting to decline and in turn my physical as well: I hadn’t done yoga in probably a month and had lost so much flexibility — with how tense my body always just is it decreases rapidly (which is why it’s so important that I practice daily). My ulcer and stomach issues were also acting up (as they’re trigged by stress) and I’ve been having mostly rough and restless sleeps Body and mind truly are deeply connected I could feel and visibly see that my back was starting to get worse but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do anything about it. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a very long time (but thankfully learned how to deal with my emotions in much healthier and beneficial ways) and although there are still times like these where I slip up, I know that each time it’ll be easier and easier to accept and overcome these struggles, stressors and circumstances. I also know (by referring back to my journals) that if I’m actively trying the hard times will become fewer and further between. The scary part is that once you slip it’s so easy to get caught in a downward spiral, especially if you believe in the law of attraction It’s so important to take proper care of your mental and physical health, as the two are so closely interconnected. It’s also very important to frequently remind yourself of the capabilities you still possess, the strength you’ll always have, and the many other things we all have to be grateful for (including the source of inner love which can always be reached) Anyways, I think usually handle set backs and flare ups fairly well (as there’s been over at least a decade of them so I do have my share of first hand experience) and especially considering how I used to react when I was younger, but the last month they’ve been really knocking me down and I was letting them make me miserable I’m thankfully finally feeling like myself again and have started to enjoy cooking and being productive once more, I even finally practiced yoga a few times and it felt so damn good to be back on my mat! I’ve also been making a point to stay on top of my journaling, started reading a new book and have been tidying a lot too. I’m also proud to say that even through the sickest, sorest and grumpiest of days I still meditated every single night 🙏🏼✨

Part two will be published tmrw morning ~

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