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Friday the thirteenth —

All of my life, for as long as I can remember, my family and I have always loved Friday the 13th. My mother and I even joke that it's our lucky day 👻

I usually spend it celebrating by cleansing and performing rituals, mostly for protection as well as good luck!

It used to be known as a day of rebirth and to many still is. To those who don’t follow the superstition, the number thirteen is regarded as sacred, filled with good fortune and luck. It also relates to femininity and the lunar cycles (as there’s roughly thirteen per year)

In my opinion it definitely is a lucky day and always has been, and since that’s what I think it’s therefore true for me. So many people believe it to be such an unlucky day and because that’s what they’re expecting the universe provides them with proof. It’s all about your perspective as well as the vibrations you’re emitting

This month Friday the 13th falls at such a pivotal time, as mercury will be direct on the night of the fourteenth and the new moon follows on the fifteenth — these energies are perfect for new beginnings and are preparing us for growth as well as allowing us to take control and direct the changes which will soon unfold I’d love if any of you would like to follow along, as I’ll be outlining my rituals below, or if you’d like to share your rituals ~ Please remember that you’re always welcomed to tag me on either Instagram or tumblr! ♥️

Today I focused my rituals on protecting my energy and specifically ensuring that I don’t absorb others’ negativity I started by lighting a black protective spell candle (which my best friend Katherine gave to me) and by cleansing my space with a lavender and sage bundle, then I burned a few bay leaf wishes I made a mandala using quartz points, cowrie shells (not pictured) and shark teeth with a tumbled hematite in the centre, but you can obviously use whatever you have available!

Next was the protective spell pouch, for this you’ll need:

• a black drawstring pouch • broken seashells (rose thorns and nails, rusty or not, will also work) • star anise • shark teeth (optional) • hematite (or another protective stone like black tourmaline, smoky quartz, tigers eye, carnelian, etc) and • star anise (cloves or other herbs for protection can be used instead)

Focus on the intent of protecting yourself and your energies. Visualize light (or whatever you’d like such as an iridescent bubble or armour) surrounding you and keeping you safe at all times. Combine these items and tie the bag shut. This pouch can now be left somewhere or carried with you

Afterwards I used this wonderful tarot spread, documented my reading and worked on my witchy journal

I also spoke with my worry dolls and will be sitting for a meditation too! I hope that you’ve all had a delightfully spooky day filled with only the best of luck!


All photos taken by me; numerology inspired by the wonderful thehoodwitch

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