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My Beltane celebrations โ€”

Since the full moon fell the day before the eve of May I spread my rituals throughout three days, as I usually do for sabbats to conserve spoons and to make the most of the special occasion!

On the night of the full moon I cleansed with sage, performed a simple ritual, charged my crystals and meditated ๐Ÿ•ฏ

On the eve of May I decorated my altar and gathered what would be needed

I was able to find some gypsophila (babyโ€™s breath) at the store the other day and moved most of my plants onto my altar as well

The following morning I began as soon as I awoke by opening my curtains and window then lighting a candle before having breakfast and starting the kettle

I decided on a blooming tea as I felt it would be appropriate for this holiday,

plus theyโ€™re just so pretty! I cleansed using a bell and incense, lit the rest of the candles on my altar and sipped floral tea while doing my reading and divination in bed with a special vintage tray

I put some flowers in my hair, adorned myself in a summer dress, seashell necklace and rose quartz jewellery and meditated while admiring my altar ๐Ÿš

Afterwards my boyfriend and I went on a lovely picnic in a natural area to enjoy this beautiful weather as itโ€™s finally feeling like spring here in Canada!


Honestly, it felt more like a summers day! We picked up some fresh fruit, sweet potato chips, and sandwiches (for my dear), made vegan pigs in a blanket, iced the remaining floral tea and packed everything into our picnic basket then begun our journey to the conservation area It was more perfect than I ever could have planned or even imagined, we walked through the forest and when we got to the clearing there was a small family (who left shortly after we arrived) but otherwise we had the entire area to ourselves! I spied a few butterflies โ€” one even approached me and fluttered so closely around me, just as my boyfriend was joking about how Iโ€™m a Disney princess too!

We ate our food and laid on the picnic blanket, blissfully enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. I obviously took a few photos and wandered about a bit and while doing so something unnaturally bright caught my eye. I decided to inspect further and ventured into the trees Upon getting closer I realized that it was just a few fake flowers in the tree branches but then something purple and very shiny glistened in the sun - I had stumbled upon a geocache! This is at least the second that Iโ€™ve found by total accident and what a better one for me to find then one filled with seashells, little clips, quartz and a toy lizard ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I showed my boyfriend, traded one of my polished stones for a piece of quartz and returned everything as it originally was

We spent the whole afternoon just lounging and snacking then packed up to leave

On the walk back I stopped to take a photo of some really neat roots and a strange greenish quadruple rainbow was captured across the photo!

(It's not the best quality but if anyone's curious I can post it)

We also noticed lots of little white and pink flowers poking up and some mushrooms too! I hope that you've all had an absolutely wonderful celebration as well!


I also came home to a surprise gift from my mom which nearly made me cry (she lives in another province and secretly had it mailed to me) ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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