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The fleeting beauty of blooms

Spring is such an enchanting and short lived time, but especially apple blossom season — it truly teaches us to appreciate the present and what is in available to us at this very moment.

It also provides the lesson of cycles, as after the bloom comes the fruit, which will pass with the season and the tree will go dormant until life returns once again in the spring and the branches begin to bud!

I discovered a small trail by my house which is nearly lined by apple trees and every year since I've been taking full advantage of the brief period that the trees are in bloom, and as the petals fall away, there are new flowers blooming on the bushes underneath!

I truly appreciate having this beauty so close to home and want to share it with those who may not have access or be able to visit when the trees are in bloom

(remember, there's always next year — the flowers will always bloom again)

I hope that these photos captured at least a fraction of their radiant majesty and that you find them as beautiful as I do

I hope that you all have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and smiles!! <3

PS. There are three bees in these photos — if you can find them all send floralsgifts a msg on instagram with your answers for a 5% discount code!

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