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All about my all natural and vegan nail strengthening oil 

This special little serum will help strengthen your nails almost instantly which allows them to grow much longer. It can be used as often as daily or as little as once a week to every other week (depending on the condition of your nails). I personally like to apply it when my nails are feeling weak or flimsy, such as after washing the dishes or taking a bath. It can be left on, rinsed off or massaged in — whatever works best for you and your lifestyle! 

Every nail oil comes in an easy to apply miniature polish bottle which includes an application brush as well as a small rose quartz chip 💕

Each bottle is made individually with love and care


[ cannot be purchased from any other site or source ]

*Contains almond oil but alternatives such as sunflower or coconut oil can be substituted upon request*

Please contact me regarding any allergies.

Avoid eye contact.

Do not ingest; for external use only.

Keep away from small children or pets.

Does not need to be refrigerated. 

Contains essential oils: do not use while expecting

These are my natural nails thanks to using my nail oil

My all natural and vegan nail strengthening oil

The Story


My nails were always paper thin, super flimsy, would bend and even peel. I could never grow them past my fingertips and using store bought strengtheners left me unfulfilled — some would even cause my nails to shatter and painfully break very easily. Most store bought ones contain very harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde ; So I decided to stop searching for the perfect nail oil and to just create one instead!  


I spent a couple years researching, experimenting and perfecting my own secret recipe for an all natural (and vegan) nail strengthening oil which contains no chemicals, added fragrances or preservatives! After using it myself for years, having my friends and family test it and selling out multiple times during my first year I can happily say that my formula is a success 🙈

Ps. A thorough review from a treasured customer can be found here 

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